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The Benefits of the DualMIST System

  • Reduced Water Consumption

By using up to 50% less water DualMIST not only proves more cost effective but is also more sustainable and friendly for the environment.

  • CPVC Piping

The use of CPVC piping increases the speed of the installation as well as reducing the overall project costs as opposed to using steel.

  • Jet Spray

This is water projection expected to be seen in traditional sprinklers. DualMIST utilises this jet spray in order to propel the mist enabling it to cover the area and smother any potential fire.

  • Fine Droplets

DualMIST uses fine droplets in order to suppress the heat eventually turning into water vapour and reducing the oxygen levels which essentially suffocates the fire.

  • Coarse Droplets

It is the range of droplet sizes that make DualMIST system unique. As well as suppressing the fire these coarser droplets begin by spraying high and then tend to run down the walls cooling them down and helping to prevent against further spreading.

  • Less Water Damage

​Both high and low-pressure systems use less water than traditional fire sprinklers although with low-pressure in particular this is significantly less resulting in fewer damages to things like fixtures and furnishings overall.

  • Reduced Overall Cost and Footprint

​Because watermist systems are generally designed to a specific watermist standard, it may mean the sizes of pumps and tanks are much lower. (especially BS8489 as compared to BS12845) This can often mean the overall system cost and space required for the tank is much reduced.

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